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BusinessCustom SoftwareMarch 23, 2021by Andika Ng0A Guide to Increasing Business Efficiency with Software Technology


Using computer hardware, from laptops to printers and webcams, have become an integral part of business operation. This is especially true in the last decade as more and more organisations adopt technology into their operations. However, it is now time for software technology to take the spotlight

Various software has been created to aid everyday business tasks and functions. It can make your business operations more efficient while increasing productivity in the workplace. Whether you are an established company, small business, or organisation, here’s a guide on increasing business efficiency with software technology!


How Technology Can Increase Your Business Efficiency

How exactly will employing software in your business help you be more efficient? From improving customer service and cutting operational costs, to increasing productivity and simplifying collaboration.


1. Enhanced customer service

With the right software, you will be able to offer quick and professional service for your customers without having to spend too much. For example, a dedicated customer centre lets people choose to contact you via phone, email, or live chat. Meanwhile, you can integrate the communication system so that your company always has the latest data about your customers.


2. Reduce spending

Another major benefit of using software technology in your day-to-day operations is lowered costs. Once you invest in the ideal set of software, it will be easy to reduce your spending. To illustrate, you can use print management software to control and reduce printing expenses, saving up to 3% in budget.

In relation to our next point, cloud technology, the ability for off-site work and more secure data storage also means less hardware to look after. This will reduce the need for physical maintenance.


3. Benefit from cloud software

What we mean by cloud software is a tool to help your business gain a competitive leverage in various aspects. The cloud itself is a remote server which you can access using the internet, at anytime and anywhere.

Brands like Netflix are built on cloud, but other types of organisations can benefit in other ways. For example, this enables massive data sharing in terms of internal or customer-related services.


4. Increase workplace productivity

One way in which software technology can boost productivity is by providing consistent data recovery and backup. Even in the case of a power outage, you will not lose valuable information and progress that might have set you back. In fact, getting back on your feet after such disasters will be seamless.

You can also use certain software to automate simple, repetitive tasks. This includes anything from retrieving files, data entry, and easy data filling. Simply use a document management software and employees can focus their expertise elsewhere!


5. More operational efficiency

If the ultimate goal is to scale up and grow your business, it’s essential to streamline the entire operational process. There are plenty of software that could help optimize this as you restructure various aspects of the business operation. For instance, repetitive tasks like account payable procedures can be easily automated. Communication can also be improved because technology makes information exchange much quicker.


6. Easy collaboration

Collaboration among team members are integral in running a successful business or organisation. Unfortunately, time and geographical constraints have long been a hindering force for effective collaboration. The good news is technology will make all these easier. A project management software can help track progress and assign tasks in a more efficient way.

Additionally, this enables people in different time zones or office locations to work together without conflict. Such software can be used to organize tasks and assignments too, making the job easier for employees.


How to Use Software Technology to Boost Organisation Efficiency

It may be clear now that software technology is imperative to maximize business efficiency. But what kind of software should you start using? Take a look at some of the more common needs below as we recommend our top pick for each!


Project management

Managing projects efficiently have long been a difficult task that only few experienced employees can complete. But with a good project management software, the entire process will be simpler and more integrated. Trello is a great option as it is free and flexible, while providing a visual-based management.

Inspired by Kanban-style boards, you can use these to manage and track projects, as well as workflow. Customize each board with images, files, due dates, and to-do lists. Best of all, it can integrate with other platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.


Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best channels to interact with customers nowadays, as you can use it to keep them in the loop with latest releases and promotions. MailChimp is our software of choice, as it is perfect even for small organisations, thanks to its free and affordable plans.

We chose it as the best email marketing software because it offers small businesses high-level email marketing with both free and affordable paid plans.

This platform lets you send email newsletters in a simple yet effective way. Use premade templates, popups, signup forms, and other features. You can even analyse data such as which customers open and read the emails, which can be valuable for marketing purposes.


Team communication

For team communication, your priority should be real-time messaging and feedback, as well as seamless collaboration. Slack is an excellent example, as it allows you to create different channels depending on the relevant team, project, or client.

It’s much faster than email communication, but more suitable for professional use than simple text messaging apps. Slack also has features to share files, create polls, and even schedule meetings.

These are just some examples of essential software that you can utilize to make your organisation operate more efficiently. It is incontestable that technology can be an invaluable part of your business.

You can improve customer service and internal productivity, while cutting costs, enhancing team communication and collaboration, as well as benefitting from cloud software. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level by integrating software technology? Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.


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