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Custom SoftwareGoodMarch 8, 2021by Andika Ng0How to find an app developer that match your project

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Nine Important checklist for you before choosing a developer for your great idea.

It is not an easy endeavour to come up with the next million dollar project idea. Unfortunately it might be as hard to find an suitable developer that can realize your vision. A lot of research and thought need to be done before you commit to a software company. There are several factors that need to be researched to ensure your project will run well, on budget, on time and to minimize losses due to uneventful processes.

We provided a checklist for you to apply them before deciding to engage a software solution company.


There are a big range of software development cost even among software solution development company in the same area. A mobile app can cost between $5,000 to $500,000 depending on the features and also the budget of the company itself. Do you need a full fledged software project management? Do you need to engage the developer with project based arrangements or do you prefer to have engage them in time based arrangement, where you can dictate how they develop your idea? Are the company developing your software locally in Singapore, or are they near-shoring, offshoring? Before going to deep to the details of your app, it’s best to have a ball park figure discussion with your potential solution provider. You can use our app estimator to get an idea of how your app might cost when you decide to engage Viztech.

Check their portfolio

Pay special attention to a portfolio section as it can give you an idea of the developer’s skills and areas of expertise. Portfolios can help to define whether a company has experience creating apps for your project, how they approach development challenges, and what design principles they follow. Some companies might not publish their portfolio online for various reasons, if you are interested with their services, it never hurts to send them a quick email requesting for their past experience and portfolios.

Be clear about your business needs.

When you’re meeting with app developers, make sure you’re clear about the app concept and your target market. The clearer you are about your business’s needs and goals, the easier and cheaper it’ll be to create an app. If you are not able to provide a clear view of what you want, the developer  / company might be forced to provide you a very wide range of estimation or a lot of cost buffer to protect themselves. This might incur a backlash for you as you might be paying much more than you have to.

Check their testimonials

The experience of previous clients will be invaluable in choosing an app developer provided that their testimonials are legitimate. It’s easy to get fake reviews, so while testimonials may be necessary, they should be considered along with other factors in this list.


Meeting the team

Even when hiring remotely, you still have to interview team members. Testimonials and portfolio cases won’t be worth anything if the app developer is hard to deal with on a personal level. Be aware of potential difficulties or character flaws, as this might cause unexpected arguments down the road.

What tech stack do they use?

This is a crucial factor. Look at what technologies the development team uses and see if they match with the technologies your project needs. Get to know what programming tools they use and how they tackle common development challenges. Usually, development companies have a page showing technologies and frameworks they use. If not, ask about the tools they use. If you have no preferences about the technology or you are a non technical person, always have this discussion and have the company suggest you multiple options before going ahead with the project.

Keep an open communication channel

Another important thing to check is the transparency of the development process. Always make sure that communication is transparent! Agencies should be upfront with their capabilities and limitations, as well as their payment terms. Never work with anyone who seems to be hiding something.

Ask Questions

A few questions you could ask are:

  • Do you have reviews and references of past and current customers I could read and/or reach out to?
  • How much experience do you have? Can I see samples of your work?
  • What type of apps have you worked on in the past?
  • What programming tools do you use to create an app?
  • What is the development process like for you?
  • How do you handle project management?
  • How will we communicate during the development process?
  • What are your fees?


Hire The Best Developer!

After you’ve carefully analyzed all candidates, it’s time to make up your mind. We hope you find top coders for your project. Here’s a bit of final advice for you:

  • Write down all your findings and compile them in the comparison matrix. Sometimes, the list of candidates is pretty long, so it’s hard to keep everything in mind which is a good thing.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions; clarify controversial points with your potential developers. Ask as many questions as needed to define whether a company can solve your business problems.

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