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BusinessMarch 23, 2021by Andika Ng0The Bright Future of E-Commerce in a Post-COVID World


Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit early last year, much about the global retail industry has changed. This had a noticeable impact on e-commerce as consumer demands and expectations are transformed. In 2021, e-commerce will undoubtedly look more different than ever. The good news is that the strain in the retail space have been a much-needed trigger for e-commerce to grow.


Why E-Commerce in a Post-COVID World is Growing

With the increasing number of online shops, as well as offline brands starting to build their online presence, it’s uncontestably that e-commerce is growing. But why are consumers so quickly moving their shopping habits online?


Wider range of options

One major upside to shopping on the Internet is the sheer number of options. There are only so many options a traditional store can display at a time. These limitations are gone with e-commerce, and consumers love it. They can browse through endless lists of colour, style, and size.

This helps them pick exactly what they want whenever they need them! Besides, storing these products in a central location is cheaper than having them in separate retail shops.


Easily accessible

E-commerce is also gaining popularity because of its accessibility, which means consumers can shop regardless of store hours. They don’t even have to physically travel to buy new clothes or pantry essentials. Better yet, you can conduct sales at any time and there is bound to be some people there.

This also lets you attract more customers, both returning and new ones. Certain groups may be less likely to visit physical stores and buy your products. However, having an e-commerce site lets literally anyone interested in your brand to purchase something! This includes people who are otherwise busy, as they can now shop during coffee breaks or before bed.


User-friendly and convenient

Like accessibility, e-commerce is often very user-friendly. This makes grocery or leisure shopping that much easier. No need to get out of the house, commute, and struggle to find parking. Features like voice assistance mean consumers can even do it hands-free.

Another aspect that makes e-commerce preferable for many people today is the convenience. They can easily process returns and refunds without having to travel back and forth.


E-Commerce Tips in a Post-COVID World

As a business in the modern world, it is crucial that you know how to adapt with the ever-changing market. While the pandemic has left its imprints on the dynamics of e-commerce, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to evolve along with it! Here are some of our top tips that you could implement in your business strategies.


1. Provide comprehensive information

Consumers choose to shop on an e-commerce platform because it is convenient. That’s why you have to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible. You can do that by giving as much information as you can. This is essentially a way to turn potential customers into real-paying ones.

For instance, product descriptions should include not only details of the product, but also its availability. Some companies even show shipping fees (or if it’s free) and the delivery window. This tactic will help boost your brand credibility and help customers feel safe in their purchase.


2. Give your consumers what they want

When selling products or services online, the key is to know what your consumers want and give them that. This covers multiple facets of the business, from the product, sales to marketing strategy. Take the time to study your target market on a regular basis as consumer behaviour is bound to be ever-changing.

In a post-COVID world, people are more attentive towards personal care and hygiene. This could be something your business want to leverage. For example, by offering ‘new normal’ packages or special promotions.


3. Make it relevant

On a similar note, it is important to make your brand relevant. It may be obvious that the product has to be relevant, but so should the promotional aspect! Remember that it matters how customers view and feel about your brand. They want an emotional connection as an assurance that they are making the right choice.

Even better, large world-class companies know how to make customers need their products, instead of just wanting them. This will allow your brand to be a part of their lifestyle. In addition, relevance is the secret to gaining customer loyalty!


4. Consider the context

Another great tip we could offer is to consider the context. Never forget to contextualize whatever it is you are offering. What do we mean by that? It’s essentially taking into account real-life events and integrating your product into those.

It seems that since the pandemic put the world on hold and forced people into lockdown, simple celebrations such as Mother’s Day have become more important. Identify specific needs or moments in your customer’s life. This could be major holidays or more universal situations. For instance, working from home, virtual celebrations, and not being able to meet loved ones.


5. Use a reliable e-commerce solution

It goes without saying that the platform you choose to conduct e-commerce is significant. It has to be reliable, secure, and easily customizable. While there are endless paid options, we understand that those starting out will prefer more affordable alternatives. In that case, the free open-source WooCommerce could be your answer!

As one of the most popular e-commerce solutions today, there is no need to worry about performance and reliability. This platform offers a simple and powerful, yet feature-rich e-commerce solution for any business. We highly recommend it for any business looking to sell their products digitally.

All in all, e-commerce has been on the rise in recent years but gained a boost due to the pandemic. It is reasonable to say that e-commerce in a post-COVID world will be the new norm when it comes to the retail industry.

We hope you can implement these strategies to help enhance your business. If you are just starting out, don’t stress because it is never too late! Besides, it doesn’t get easier than signing up your WooCommerce project with us.


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