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Manufacturing Resource Planning

Improve And Automate Your Factory Operational Excellence

Easily track your manufacturing progress all in one place

Is your factory currently doing a lot of manual work of calculating raw material? Do you often lose track and can't account for stock discrepancies?
Our Seamless MRP system are designed to eliminate manual work and provide end-to-end visibility of your factory overall process.

Using a centralized system, the system is able to track material usage, increase efficiency, reducing manual work and provide your factory management level a high level work progress instantly.

01Integrated and Centralized

  • An integrated centralized web base MRP platform integrated with all ERP modules
  • Helps inventory & Logistic department to reduce the level of component parts and raw materials inventory
  • Top management of the company can see the performance of the production, able to see the scrap rate, actual production cost for each project/product

02Backup & Robust Data Management

  • Prevent manual data file from being corrupted or misplaced by creating daily or weekly snapshots of the data

  • Prevent data silo in case any of the staff is leaving the company bringing company data along with them

03Inventory Tracking and Analysis

  • Faster/accurate tracking of inventory transfer/usage on each individual process helps accountability and easier post-mortem analysis in the event of inventory discrepancy
  • Over time an MRP system reveals the ideal lot sizes that should be purchased of each component

04Work Management and Scheduling

  • Provides clear picture of the inventory available for the production process.

  • Managers can use this information to schedule work crews to meet the needs of the manufacturing process without over staffing the production line.


  1. outstanding sales order

  2. Sales order report

  3. value of Production Order (in $ term)

  4. Aging Production Order

  5. Cost of Goods Sales (COGS Report)

  6. Invoicing report

  7. Yield report for each Production Order

  8. Custom reports can be discussed to address your organization needs


  • An integrated system that can help the company to streamline processes.
  • Better communication and process control between departments.
  • Save time for hassle and manual processes currently.
  • A data collection system that allows us to do analysis on work processes.
  • Increase economical efficiency of using manufacturing recourses